Like huge Smartphones for Retail Stores.

Customer Information Points delivers interactive sales content and browse functionality in one device. See how you can present a full range of products even at limited presentation space.

Highlight selected products

Got special products or those which have particularly attractive margins? Use the “Idle Mode” of Customer Information Points to put them in the center of interest. As long as no customer uses the terminal to get product information content in idle mode is always displayed as a loop.

Offer true solutions to your customers

Instead of complicated technical jargon better provide your customers with real and powerful solutions for their requirements. Give them access to a wealth of useful informational content independent of product availability of the store. Use smooth, native and autonomous playback all designed to promote sales. We help you to transfer the information you want to your customers.

Make details visible.

Sometimes details are crucial for a purchase decision. With high quality pictures that shows your products from each perspective you help your customers to make the right choice.

Check out our unbeatable benefits to support your Customer Strategy

Quick possibility to update content
Automated processes for an efficient operation
Future security through fast adaption
Shorter lead times for advertising activities.
Longer customer stays at the Point of Sale
Easy integration with business processes

Change content whenever you want

In case of changing products like a new one which you want to present or an end of life product you can change the content remotely at any time. You can even replace your content for individually defined terminals only or just for all. Keep your digital product presentation always up to date with our powerful content management.

Access to detailed datasheets

All facts about your products in one place.
The intuitive interface makes it easy and engaging for a wide range of customers.

Choose the best package for you

Don´t worry about a thing. All packages come with our exceptional services, including disassembly and collection of terminals after a contract expires.

  • Logistics
  • Installation & Assembly
  • Content Design
  • Content Management
  • Customizable Hardware
  • High Performance Software
  • Maintenance & Replacement

10 up to 20 Terminals

Package S

6/12/18/24 month leaseChoose

21 up to 40 Terminals

Package M

6/12/18/24 month leaseChoose

41 up to 62 TerminalsBest Value

Package L

6/12/18/24 month leaseChoose

63 up to 100 Terminals

Package XL

6/12/18/24 month leaseChoose

Prices depend on total number of terminals and term of contract you choose.

Could not find a suitable package for your requirements? Give us a call on +49-(0) 33439-57 99 14 and let´s talk about what you have in mind.

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