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Consulting Services

As a digitization partner for retailers, we support you in the development of your retail digital strategy in order to be able to use technology effectively at the point of sale. Take advantage of our comprehensive digital signage consulting for the implementation of information terminals, digital billboards and digital window advertising. Discover the full potential of digitalization to not only meet, but exceed today’s customer expectations.
Planning, implementation and controlling of digital technologies at the POS
Development of a digitization strategy for retail and industry
Providing our manpower to save your time and get your project started
Add digital know-how to your company
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Applications for eye-catching product presentations

You wish a better customer interaction with your brand at the point of sale or as a retailer you want to focus certain topics to your consumers? In order for consumers to use digital screens at the point of sale, software applications are needed that add value to the customer. Frequently, tailor-made applications are developed or suitable design templates are selected, which together with the screens and perfect POS integration form an optical unit. We create your individual retail digital strategy with full implementation of:

Digital Advertising Posters
Virtual Shelfs
Interactive Customer Information Terminals
Live-Video Chat for direct customer support
Screen integration in furniture, presentation walls, tables and more
Digital Signage Solutions
Lines of software code

Software development “Made in Berlin”

Is something missing? Or do you need a more custom-tailored solution? Let us talk about your ideas, concepts and goals. As we develop the software for our digital signage screens in Berlin, we can transform your visions into existing customer applications with added value. Software “made in Berlin”! Here are some examples:

Storytelling Templates: create your individual product story and use interactive slides for a great customer interaction
FAQ Catalog: answer frequently asked questions directly on the screen using an interactive FAQ catalog
Product selectors and product finder: guide your customers through targeted questions to the products that really meet their needs
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We support trade and industry in the use of
digital technique at the Point of Sale.