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New Retail Marketing generates a leading edge over competitors

By January 5, 2018 No Comments
Digital sales promotion at Saturn Berlin Köpenick

Shopping advice by manufacturers not continuously in retail shops.

Companies like Samsung, Acer or Philips perform staff supported retail marketing activities for years in order to transform curious browsers into confirmed customers. And it´s not a secret anymore that a lot of manufacturer do this. But unfortunately all of them have a consultancy service at retail shops of only two or three days a week on average – mostly at the end of the week. But what about the other days? Presenting goods digitally at the stationary point of sale and by means of remote product experts up to seven days a week is a true competitive advantage.

Video Consulting in retail stores: Advice before and support after a purchase.

That is the point where kumkju clearly make a difference in order to generate competitive advantages. Customers who spend time in retail shops expect a professional consultation service whenever they need it and not only on some specified days which is exactly the regular case of staff supported conventional retail marketing campaigns. Better provide a digital presence of a brand and goods up to seven days a week including a professional product consultation service. face:connect POS makes this a reality. Consumers have always the possibility to talk to a remote product expert who can show and explain different, alternative and complementary products, gives help for device setup and purchase recommendations. These fully-trained specialists are basically provided by kumkju or as an alternative provided by clients themselves. With face:connect POS also a special product support is possible and fits absolutely perfect if customers need help after they bought a product in the store. All they have to do is to go to a customer service terminal and ask the expert for personal assistance.

Manufacturer can present their entire assortment instead of a tiny choice.

Furthermore kumkju developed a Virtual Shelf which presents all desired products to the customer. So it is a unique solution to show goods which possibly not in stock at present but can be ordered by the store – optional with a home delivery service. Also stores which do not provide a large sales space benefit from that digital service: it is simply sufficient to have one of each item in stock for demonstration purpose only.

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