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face:connect POS increases customer interaction with brands

By April 5, 2018 No Comments
Digital Signage at the POS with live video consulting

Customer support: permanent and affordable

Complete your physical available products with goods which are not available in the store at present. Using a Virtual Shelf expands the opportunities to show your entire assortment and give detailed information about your products on the one hand, and massively increases customer interaction with your brand by calling a personal assistant on demand on the other. Our top-notch customer service face:connect POS unites digital personal consultation, customer support and virtual presentation space on an interactive information hub. As a manufacturer you ensure an affordable permanent personal contact with your brand which results in a higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Saving staff costs without lose personal advice

There is no need to give up a personal consultation service for customers just to save staff costs. Instead of reduce staff on site better use remote product experts who cover a predefined quantity of stores or departments to ensure a high professional personal advice. Actually you can save staff costs without lose personal help as you do not have to equip each department with physically present assistants.


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