Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you have many questions just like hiring our remote product experts who works on your behalf or bring your own staff. So we have tried to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions below:

kumkju Products & Services

What is the pricing of our services?

Our Customer Information Points that includes a digital product catalog with unlimited number of products starts from only 190 € per month per kiosk. face:connect POS including kumkju Remote Product Experts is from only 570 € per month per kiosk. Please note: the total amount depend on the number of kiosk and options (Hiring our staff or bring your own? Kiosks as stand-alone installation or fully integrated in (already existing) shop-in-shop spaces etc.) you choose. In order to send you a an individual quotation that meets your requirements perfectly please send an e-mail to or use our quotation request form. See our pricing for face:connect WEB.

When in use do the kiosks collect any customer datas?

No, kumkju does not collect personal datas of customers. We use Analytic metrics to get the datas how customers use the kiosks. For example we measure the total sum of consulting sessions per day and the consulting period of each session. Furthermore – in order to optimize our products – we ask each customer to give us a short feedback about the consulting quality after each session.

Is there an active customer approach?

Yes! Our systems provide motion detection. When a customer stays or moves in front of the kiosk all promotion or product videos will stop and an active approach will start by using an appropriate video. Here is a sample of the network specialist TP-Link. Of course these videos can be produced to meet your needs and expectations.

Which possibilities exists for a perfect integration in stores?

Besides the stand-alone variants for wall-, shelf- or table installation we offer complete digital Shop-in-Shop solutions. Depending on the number of products which will be presented physically (and virtually) the size of the Shop-in-Shop space and the number of the kiosks vary. Together with our clients we work on such concepts in order to meet their requirements and aims.

Can I use my staff?

Yes, of course. Our clients can use their own staff for face:connect POS und face:connect WEB.  In order to prepare your staff an essential requirement is to book our first-user training. That´s the way we ensure that your staff is well-prepared to operate safe and easy with our backend-system. Don´t worry, it´s very easy to learn!

Hardware & Software

Does the kiosks operate with different languages?

Yes! We developed and integrated a multilingual feature which allows customers to use the kiosk in the preferred language. Get more information in our blog.

What time does it take until the kiosks will be ready to use and fully-mounted at the defined location?

From the date of the assigned order we need about 3 month for hardware-preparation, training the Remote Product Experts, shipping and installation at desired stores until the kiosks are ready to use.

A kiosk has a malfunction or is damaged. What to do?

We monitor all of the kiosk systems on a daily basis so we are able to recognize fast if a kiosk is online or offline. In case of an offline state we give a call to the affected department of the store in order to solve the problem as fast as possible. If a kiosk is damaged we take care about a quick solution either a repair on-site or an exchange of the affected kiosk within 5 working days.

Can I change the digital content at any time?

Yes. All you have to do is provide the new content, the date when the broadcast should begin, and the relevant kiosks.

What are the minimum (technical) requirements to be met for our services?

For a smooth operation our kiosks need a LAN (best) or WiFi connection to the Internet, an AC/DC power supply and – of course – the right place in the store/location.

Can I change the place of installation of a kiosk?

Yes, of course you can place a kiosk to another site and reinstall it again. But first you have to ensure if the new site will meet all the requirements which are necessary for an appropriate operation like LAN-connection, AC/DC and of course the right place to ensure they are easily accessible for customers.

What happens to the kiosks after a contract expires?

If you lease the kiosk-systems kumkju is fully responsible. If a contract won´t be renewed so it is up to us to deinstall all relevant kiosks and pick them up for transportation. Clients neither distributors will not have any effort with that.