Like huge Smartphones for Retail Stores

Centrally managed Interactive Digital Signage Displays with extensible features for the Point of Sale

Use dynamic, targeted content to drive revenue, connect with your audience, and provide real-time visibility of important information.

Create your own content in minutes using our Creator or transfer your available content in seconds to hundreds of kiosks with our Interactive Digital Signage solution.

Floor standing Interactive Digital Signage
Tabletop Interactive Digital Signage
Floor Standing of Interactive Digital Signage
Big Interactive Digital Signage for indoor use

Interactive Digital Signage
Basic Features

Learn how you can easy communicate your digital content to consumers by using Interactive Digital Signage. These retail digital displays can be centrally managed, eliminating the need for a complicated exchange of your content on-site. If needed, just use add-on features to expand the base functions.

Video Playback
Show eye-catching marketing content, such as videos or slideshows at the Point of Sale. Stable and reliable digital signage playback around the clock, 7 days a week.

Content Creator
Create your own content using different media formats such as images, videos and text or use your finished content.

Content Management
Plan and manage all the content for the kiosks at the center. Send your content over the internet to hundreds or thousands of kiosks simultaneously.

Table version of an interactive digital signage screen

Manage your Content from anywhere

Regardless of your location, you manage your content on all Digital Signage Kiosks. The only thing you need is a device and internet access.

Change Videos, Pictures and Texts in no time
Assign different content to different displays
Measure and analyze Kiosk Traffic, Customer Frequency and other KPIs
Introduce new products to your customers quickly and easily

Respond to customer requests in real time

Fast response to changing customer needs is one of the benefits of Interactive Digital Signage. Transfer content to all or just specific kiosk systems in just a few clicks. The high-resolution displays deliver crisp images and excellent sound.

kumkju brings Digital Media to life in stores.

Surpass your customers’ expectations and maximize your profits with a unique, state-of-the-art shopping experience.

Fast and easy exchange of information, offers and campaigns per location or central

Implementation of effective advertising at the POS

Reduce printing and distribution costs of promotional materials

Shorter lead times for advertising activities

Longer customer stays at the Point of Sale

Easy integration with business processes

Interactive Digital Signage
Advanced Features

You need more than just a simple digital signage solution? Then simply extend the functionality and add to what’s missing.

Vitual Shelf
Easily extend your physical product presentation (optional multilingual). Show all products and let customers browse the virtual shelf even on the smallest presentation spaces.
Live Video Consulting & Customer Support
Stay personally accessible to your customers and connect them to sales staff who show, explain and demonstrate products in an understandable way. Up- and cross selling was never easier.
Personal Customer Approach
Individual videos are played for active customer contact and triggered automatically by motion detection.
Product Selector
Guide your customers through displayed questions to those products that really meets their requirements.

Suitable for your application.
High-end design and technology.