Communicate digital content at the POS to your target group. Effective and easy to implement.

Centrally managed Interactive Digital Signage Displays with extensible features for the Point of Sale

To our Retail Digital Displays

Use dynamic, targeted content to drive revenue and provide real-time visibility of important information.

Transfer your content in seconds to hundreds of screens with our Interactive Digital Signage solution.

Waltmart ad on an interactive digital signage screen
Large desktop device of an interactive digital signage kiosk
Advertising on interactive 84 inch digital signage screen
Large digital signage touchscreen as a digital advertising poster

Play marketing content everywhere

With our interactive digital signage, you can reach consumers at various points of sale worldwide. Inform your target audience in seconds about new products, promotions, bundle promotions and much more.

kumkju digital signage touch screen monitor showing TP-Link network products
kumkju digital screen with no usb no storage card sign

Manage your Content from anywhere

No complicated exchange via memory cards or USB sticks. Our digital retail displays are centrally managed so you can quickly and easily share and adapt your content to your marketing activities.

Always know if your screens are online

If one of your displays is offline, you know it now! Thanks to a modern dashboard, you can monitor the operating status of your screens at the POS at any time and react quickly.
Whether in Berlin, Hamburg, Nice or Tokyo. Our screens keep you up to date worldwide.

kumkju screenshot from a dashboard
kumkju screenshot of the media library

Everything in view thanks to the kumkju cloud solution

With access to your dashboard, regardless of your location, you can manage your playlists, add or delete videos, rebuild playlists, and create user access to the system for your colleagues.

And that worldwide. All you need is a PC and internet access.

Provide customers with product information in real time

Fast response to changing customer needs, discount offers or new products is one of the benefits of Interactive Digital Signage. Transfer content to all or just specific screens in just a few clicks. The high-resolution displays deliver crisp images and excellent sound.

kumkju brings Digital Media to life in stores

Surpass your customers’ expectations and maximize your profits with a unique, state-of-the-art shopping experience.

Fast and easy exchange of information, offers and campaigns per location or central

Implementation of effective advertising at the POS

Reduce printing and distribution costs of promotional materials

Shorter lead times for advertising activities

Longer customer stays at the Point of Sale

Easy integration with business processes

Interactive Digital Signage
Advanced Features

You need more than just a simple digital signage solution? Then simply extend the functionality and add to what’s missing.

Virtual Shelf
Easily extend your physical product presentation (optional multilingual). Show all products and let customers browse the virtual shelf even on the smallest presentation spaces.
Live Video Consulting & Customer Support
Stay personally accessible to your customers and connect them to sales staff who show, explain and demonstrate products in an understandable way. Up- and cross selling was never easier.
Personal Customer Approach
With active customer approach you reach more potential buyers. For these requirements, we provide special videos that are played on customer contact and automatically triggered by motion detection.
Product Selector
Guide your customers through displayed questions to those products that really meets their requirements.

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