What makes these persons special?

Our Remote Product Experts have extensive knowledge of the products on offer and, even more importantly, they can direct consumers to the best product for them through empathy, sensitivity, and asking the right questions. To ensure that high quality consultation we set great value on continous trainings which we offer free of charge during the entire contract duration as a Virtual Classroom Training.

  • Employment relationship on a permanent basis

  • All experts are experienced and have specific knowledge

  • All Virtual Classroom Trainings free of charge

Who can become a Remote Product Expert?

We know that specific product training is the key to a Remote Product Expert’s success. Each of our clients has their own set of unique and occasionally quite complex products, and our Remote Product Experts receive appropriate training to ensure they are in the optimal position to advise interested consumers. This knowledge of products and technical expertise can be trained with relative ease. Empathy, sensitivity, and the ability to explain complex products and technologies to complete newcomers, on the other hand, are harder to teach. That is why we always keep an eye out for applicants with these specific qualities.

How are they chosen?

We also have a range of additional decisive criteria, such as experience in customer service and support. In order to get a good idea about each applicant, we first arrange an online interview.

At the next stage, in our recruitment center, we run applicants through a range of test scenarios, such as simulated sales conversations, which allow us to get a good idea of how a potential employee will perform if given the job.

How are Remote Product Experts trained?

Our clients know their products better than we do, so our clients are solely responsible for product training. The training is usually carried out online using appropriate software provided by us. Another option is on-site training either in our offices or our clients’ own premises.

What about Training Material?

Training content, which will generally cover technical specifications, differences between products, and respective advantages, along with any training materials such as presentations and product videos and photos, are provided by our clients – although we take care of delivery.

That said, the customer value proposition is a vital element of product training, so we always examine content to make sure this aspect is covered in sufficient detail.

These online training services are free of charge to our customers for the entire duration of the contract.

Have your own professionals to support your customers? Great!

Just book them a first-user training to ensure they can work with our Agent Panel Application perfectly.