Retail Digital Displays – Floor Standing Versions

Due to their adaptable design, the mostly larger floor standing variants of kumkju Retail Digital Displays are easy fall straight in the eye. Upon request, the housing can be additionally foiled with an individual design to attract attention and curiosity even from a distance. With a tailor-made implementation concept, we ensure that the displays seamlessly integrate into your POS design.
Floor Standing Model of a display with a silver stand
kumkju Advertising Display for outdoor use


Thanks to the flat display design and the ever-decreasing computer technology, you can use kumkju Retail Digital Displays almost everywhere. We provide a wide variety of forms to meet your requirements.

Depending on the field of application and purpose, kumkju Retail Digital Displays can be equipped with different components: Camera, microphone and speakers can be used for Live Customer Support. Payment processes can be triggered with an integrated NFC reader.


Even retailers with small retail space can show their products live using kumkju Retail Digital Displays. The use of shop space is generally not limited to the stockpiling of goods. It’s just too expensive for that. Instead, you can use smaller retail space more effectively by equipping it with the appropriate screens and kumkju Software Applications for customers.

Special applications like Virtual Shelf or an integrated video chat, ensure a high degree of customer interaction and shopping experience of a special kind.

kumkju Retail Digital Display
Advertising display with large screen for outdoor use
Wifi equipped advertising display


Especially in large-scale markets, such as furniture stores, the internal consulting staff can not be everywhere at the same time to answer customer questions. The result: Customers often do not feel sufficiently well looked after.

kumkju Retail Digital Displays with corresponding software applications for product clarification make a valuable contribution to providing customers with information. Our communication solution face:connect live Support connects your customers with consultants via video chat to support your staff on site.Depending on the objectives and the application, screens with or without a touch screen are used.Ask us for a ready-to-use suitable solution for your needs or start with our consulting.

All Retail Digital Displays are designed for a 24/7 operation and available as outdoor and indoor versions in a wide range of sizes and types.

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Retail Digital Displays – Tablet Versions & Special Editions

Tablet models are perfect for a fast wall-, shelf- or table installation. But putting a display on a shelf and hoping someone will use it won´t work. Only a uniform brand and product communication with a meaningful integration of the displays in shelves, walls, tables or as shown below in the sonic chair:connect ensure acceptance by the consumer. Maybe you think of an unique design? Here are some amazing examples to inspire your imagination.

Looking for a real individual showcasing?

Check out our digital Shop-in-Shop solutions that combines tailor-made selling space concepts with digital services.