Boost your sales conversion rate at the Point of Sale with face:connect POS.

face: connect POS is the digital extension of your offline product presentation through a Virtual Shelf
equipped with a direct consulting function via live video chat on interactive touch screen kiosks.

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Any time a consumer needs support he can request a highly-trained operator just by clicking the screen.
The operator optionally provided by us can show and explain different, alternative and complementary products, gives help for device set-up and purchase recommendations.
Full HD video or photo content 24/7 across all installed kiosks. New content is uploaded in seconds.
Customers can browse a Virtual Shelf which is an extension of your physical presentation. Showing a full range also in stores with limited presentation space. The Virtual Shelf supports multiple languages.

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Support your website visitors and offer fast help with face:connect WEB

Highly-trained operators are ready to answer questions and solve problems quickly for your website and mobile customers. With face:connect WEB it´s easy and painless to be there when help is needed.
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face:connect runs in the Cloud

Tap into the full potential of cloud solutions with kumkju. Our innovative modular platform offers global scalability based on high performance virtual data centers. The infrastructure-as-a-service technology guarantees optimum availability. Top performance is guaranteed thanks to a reliable network of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified data centers. Extensive security policies ensure maximum-reliability storage. Contact Us for more information.

kumkju software driven solutions run on cloud infrastructure.
Our cloud-based backend panel manage clients, kiosks-systems, products and agents (advisory staff).