face:connect POS – Virtual Shelf and Customer Service at the POS

face: connect POS is a virtual shelf with live advisory function by real product experts on interactive touch screens at the POS.


Professional customer service and support from person to person.
Full HD Video communication in real-time.
Virtual Shelf offers a product catalogue to extend the physical presentation.
Multiple language support to reach more consumers.
Media Player that shows videos with fast and easily exchangeable content.
Active Displaying of product information by the operator.

Improve customer experience with your brand.

face:connect POS ensures that customers today are engaged in your dialogue.

Differentiate your offering with fresh solutions that tap into what customers really want and need to ensure you are the one they remember and care about. Make your competition irrelevant.


Provide your customers with personal advice to transform curiosity into solid interest and an intention to buy, even seven days a week if required. Make it easy for people to make up their minds.


Accelerate your sales growth across all channels through the enhanced customer dialogue provided by our streamlined digital customer assistance tools. Make expansion and growth easy and reap the rewards.


Increase brand awareness and trust by putting customers directly in touch with real experts through human and interactive digital signage to provide the information they need. Make your brand memorable for the way it communicates.


Create memorable interactions through innovative advice solutions in real-time using human and truly interactive digital signage. Make your customer experience something so great people will talk about it.


Present your full range even in stores with limited presentation space. You can also ensure everything is up to date and reduce printing costs by eliminating the need for brochures, information sheets, and product catalogues.

Personally & Effectively
Qualitative customer consultation face-to-face with selected specialists | Browse functionality on interactive touchscreen kiosks.

Measurable & Efficient
Optimize staff utilization, reach and ROI by managing multiple touchpoints with just one product expert | Optimal brand and performance marketing

Digital & Flexible
Qualitative product advice and customer support via real-time video communication directly from the kumkju customer center.

Instead of equipping every single store with staff each operator is responsible for several POS

Savings of personnel costs, especially for sales promotions

Each kiosk is a direct touchpoint for customers

Discharge of marketing and sales

Real experts from the manufacturer direct at the POS

Reduction of planning efforts and costs

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“With more than 21 years of experience in network products and more than 23.000 employees worldwide, network specislists TP-Link are happy to be working with kumkju.”



Active customer approach

When a customer stays or moves in front of the kiosk all content will stop and an active approach will start by using an appropriate video.

Web-based administrator interface

We provide full control with different access permissions for all of the kiosks to manage clients, kiosks, projects, products and agents.

Multilingual support

The digital product catalog supports multiple languages. The personal customer service is also multilingual on request.

Recruitment by kumkju

We take care of the right operators and select them according to a special selection procedure.

Presentation of entire brand worlds

Conception, production and implementation of entire digital brand worlds at the POS with digital shop-in-shop solutions.

Get our one-stop services for a great price

We take care of everything so you and your distributors are without organisational stress throughout the entire collaboration.

Content Design

You can choose between our user-friendly predefined content design based on your existing corporate identity or a custom design – the more exclusive alternative for a fully optimised brand experience.


We organize prompt transportation to individual retailers on behalf of the client. If a contract expires, we also take care about the return shipment.

Content Management

We provide remote content management services from a central point. All you need to do is provide that high-quality content to promote your products – we will take care of the rest.

Installation & Assembly

We agree dates for the installation and assembly of face:connect POS-Kiosks in advance. The retailer is given a brief introduction before confirming everything is working properly by signing the installation log.

Hardware & Software

We provide the hardware components you need according to your individual situation and requirements. Small 11-inch wall or table-mounted touchscreens up to 98-inch systems: everything is easy to integrate, provided ready to use and fully licensed.

Content Upload

We can upload your content simultaneously across all devices or put different content on each device. Content can include product videos (we recommend Full-HD), product photos, technical specifications, and more.

Maintenance & Replacement

You do not need to worry about extensive maintenance and replacement costs: our kiosk systems are proven to operate 24/7. In an unexpected case of a fault, don´t worry: we´ll ensure it´s ready to use again within just five working days.

Training of Product Experts

We know how important it is that face:connect POS is supported by the best operators, so we also manage the recruitment process. We also analyse training content to ensure all operators are well prepared to communicate customer benefits.

How our technology supports customers on Websites

59% of German online shoppers miss the personal advice on the Internet. 45% have no confidence when paying on the Internet. face:connect WEB helps website visitors and potential buyers on webshops with a fast, reliable and trustworthy personal service.
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High-end design and technology.

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