Say Hello to Hightower

At 1.90 metres tall and 0.62 metres wide, the Hightower ensures customers will spot your brand first even from a distance. Its five-point capacitive touchscreen offers your customers a highly personalised experience and easy navigation. This can boost brand recognition, customer loyalty and sales.

Our terminals have integrated capacitive touchscreen technology to provide high accuracy, resistance and reliability for an optimal customer experience.
No MDF, no plastic: our 1.6 mm full-metal case made from SECC steel gives the whole terminal a high-quality and durable feel, turning it into a large and stable customer-friendly information point.
The Hightower is fully customisable, meaning you can apply your corporate design (logo, CI colours) or create a custom design to perfectly match your product. The default colours are glossy black and polished silver.
We use a stable metal foot for added safety, ensuring the panels do not wobble or shake when in use.

Boost brand awareness

The Hightower boosts brand awareness through personalised content. This powerful and immense terminal impresses potential customers with digital content displayed on different screen sizes. Your content can be adjusted at any time.

Landscape and Portrait format available

Touch mii for table-, wall and shelf

The interactive capacitive touchscreen offers maximum flexibility: place your Touch mii on a wall, in a (TEGO-) shelf or on a table.
We take care of the entire on-site installation. The Touch mii only requires power and an internet connection to work.

Flexible Touch mii

The lightweight Touch mii is easy to relocate from one place to another. The Touch mii comes also with the capacitive touchscreen technology and a full-HD webcam, stereo speaker and built-in microphone. It is available in different screen sizes.

Landscape and Portrait format available

The Power of Colour

Our Hightower terminal is fully customisable. We ensure it matches your corporate design to effectively boost brand awareness.
Apply an individual graphic e.g. of a product or just choose your preferred RAL colour.
Or what about a finish that looks like wood or concrete? Hightower can be adapted to fit in perfectly with your CI requirements.